About Us


Growing up, I always enjoyed being in the kitchen with my mom and helping her cook.

My fondest childhood memory is of my mom trying a new recipe with me as her sidekick. From hunting for ingredients at the market, following the instructions, to tasting as we went along, the best part was the ultimate feeling of triumph when it turned out as we’d anticipated.

Over the years, my mom taught me many of her techniques and recipes to make delicious, healthy meals that our family has always enjoys.

The beauty of Indian spices is their bold flavours, rich aromas, the countless variety and limitless uses. However, with such potential comes the truth of feeling overwhelmed, intimidated by where to begin, or worrying about using them correctly.

We asked, how can we make it a “SIMple” process, as well as an enjoyable experience for anyone wanting to cook Indian cuisine?

So, we developed our own spice blends; and now, we want to share them with you. Our creations are small batch crafted with fresh ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives, to ensure a fresh taste and quality that we proudly call our own.

We invite you to try our spice blends, and experience the pleasures of cooking Indian cuisine.

Sat Sri Aakal
sɑːt ˈsɪriː əˈkɑːl