Are your spice blends gluten-free?

Spices do not contain any gluten, however we process our spices in a commercial kitchen that has access to nuts. We strive to ensure no gluten is present while make our spice blends. We also cannot guarantee if the spices have come in contact with gluten during its harvesting and initial packaging

Why are your spices roasted individually?

Our spices are individually roasted in order to bring out its optimal flavour and freshness.

For how long can I store the spices

Our spices are sealed in individual packets to ensure quality, freshness, and flavour. Each unopened spice packet is fresh for upto 3 months.

Do your spices contain any artificial flavourings, colours, or preservatives

All our spices and spice blends are free of artificial colours, flavorings and preservatives.

Do you process nuts in your facility?

Our spices and spice blends do not contain any nuts, however we process our blends in a facility that has exposure to nuts. We make reasonable efforts to keep nuts out of the area, and we are not able to guarantee that our space is completely nut free. We continuously strive to prevent any cross contamination while processing our blends.